I was Bowling in Japan, and in the arcade game section, back in the corner, next to the naughty mah-jongg arcade games, I saw this machine. It cost 100 yen. First, you pick among three girls dressed in maid outfits. Then, the one you picked chants the jan-ken-pon chant to you, while doing the gesture. Then up flashes a screen with some Japanese on it.

There are only three buttons- one with a picture of a rock, one with paper, the last with scissors. You push one, and if you win, she takes off some clothes.

I won three times in a row at first, and she was down to her underwear. Then, I lost 3 times in a row. I got my money's worth. I think the game is rigged, especially since Japanese porn laws wouldn't let them go any farther without a mosaic anyway.

The maid outfit plays on The Japanese obsession with uniforms, and the popular porn genre Costume Play.

update: after an enkai, I was in the bownling alley with a bunch of japanese teachers. I brought them over to this game and got them to play it. We won the first 3 times again, and then again lost 3 times in a row. It seems to be a setup. Halfway through two female teachers came over and started giggling.

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