*Goddammit* I don't care about the new possiblity of a new E2 voting system!

I am 3 nodes away from level 3 RIGHT NOW. It's so close i can feel it. I want it. I need it. All I have done is spend the last 3 days thinking of nodes, not just nodes, but good nodes! Ahhhhhhhhgggggg.

I have node block.

I went a quest to find good node worthy stuff - I hunted around the house looking for cool things to node about.

Ah-ha! rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. grrrr.

oh- boy! space food sticks, awwww.

I went back and softlinked a few of my older nodes, and corrected spelling mistakes, waiting for inspiration to hit me. NO joy.

I played with the E2 node traker some more, and even learnt some more about perl in the hope of finding a bright light of inspiration. light negative

It stuns me that so many of you seem to churn nodes out fairly contunially, and they are good. I mean _good_. They're fun to read, they are informmative. Frankly it's just shitfully irritaing, to personages like myself! (I mean that in the nicestest possible way of course ;)

Atleast I am driving my girlfriend spare talking about it though ;)