Make Money Fast Hall of Humiliation is at <URL:>.

The site featured, every week, some hapless cretin who had managed to spam Rolf (or any reader of the site) a chain letter, and the trashing they gave to the fools were absolutely a joy to see. He told everything about the clueless losers, showing us that none of them exactly had the Acura Integra they claimed they had...

They also disassembled Mega$Nets program, ran group "attacks" to get losers to suffer, and they even published the four documents that were advertised in one chain letter!

Nowadays, it is not updated that often, but it does get new content every day (such as the Spam Dissected things, new MMF haiku, and that sort of things).

Rolf, the original manager, retired from site management in December 24, 1999, but the site was picked up by guy by the handle Sisyphus6 (whom one of the spammers called "sissy").

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