wot a week i have had.

my father just rang...

I don't know if I've ever FULLY communicated to anyone how little, small, worthless, and inept he made me feel as a teenager.

He made me feel like shit because i didn't care about school. I think he thought when he said 'well if u get a job, you can leave' he thought i would abandoned the challenge.

When i got the job at the newsagency and left.. literally he got off my case. other things started, but.. yeah.. the world got slightly brighter..

I know he always thought i was a bit of a failure for not having attended uni, and i think that's y i feel that i missed out on something by NOT going..

but i also feel that pretty much i achieved the life in computers i DID want.. all be it through a WEIRD path..

SO you will see the BITING IRONY that I feel when he calls me up in the middle of the day and says, "with work, we are speaking to young school kids yr 10 and telling them that they DON'T have to attend uni.. they can achieve a career without going to uni.." and... "guess who he'd like to be a guest speaker as an example...."


i think he was a bit shocked when i laughed at him..

said I'd do it though.. I'm SO not going to miss the chance to 'strike back at the system' and tell these kids to leave school.. i still harbour a strong resentment to the schooling system.. but i mean really.. being asked to do this by Dad.. wow...

Oh and it's my little sisters 27th birthday.. happy birthday Emily.. gosh i feel old