Whilst working in the local fish and chip shop, where I had been left to do the night shift, The boss told me to go and get something from down the road. Although I was wondering who would look after the shop, especially since there was a sudden boom going on (I like to think it was my wonderful chip frying technique that was drawing the crowd) I took off in my car - a Datsun 120Y an anomaly as I own a Holden 4x4.

With my friends in the seats around me, and it being dark I pulled up into an unbuilt-up shopspace, in the dirt, sliding to a stop, leaving great furrows, then slamming the thing in reverse, and spinning the wheel to 'slide' back again.

About this stage I realised that there was an abundance of muscle cars dragging around the streets and that also there was suddenly undercover police everywhere. The sting went down and I happened to have pulled my own little stunt right in front of the main cop, who was now laughing his head off, at me, saying that I was going to jail forever.,

I know I had lots of charges laid against me, and that I was facing a fair amount of prison time. everything else is hazy here...

I woke up fairly distressed