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I am a student attending my second year of education at Illinois Intitute of Technology in south Chicago. I am majoring in Computer Science, but I spend more time sleeping and playing video games than I do on classwork.

I come to e2 semi-regularly and I hope to one day node more often than I currently do.

I like to play around with things, figure out how they work. These days I tend to do that more on the software side of things than on the hardware, but both are just as intrigueing.

Current Task(s):
  • Finish all remaining assignments/projects before final exams
  • Study and do well on final exams
  • Find a way to bring my shit from Chicago to Detroit for winter break
  • Code my GBA game
  • Find a way to bring my shit from Detroit to Chicago for Spring semester
  • Do well in school
  • Enjoy Christmas break
  • Somewhere in there: Node!

Contact info:
AIM: itstonylol
Steam: sugardeath

Catbox Quotes:
<TenMinJoe> I have received no email today from any of my friends. I am so lonely that I emailed myself just to check that my e-mail was working. It was. I am just very alone.

<RACECAR> also did you glue your fish?
<RACECAR> if you send me the broke one back, I'll send you a good one. I have these styrofoam peanut things now for shipping.
<RACECAR> perhaps 'll go shell out some words.

(I am trying to work on a writeup based on that quote because I have yet to see RACECAR do one, but I have a hard time coming up with things.)

<Simulacron3> But, Laura dear, this is an eel.

GCS d- s--:- a-- C++ UL++>++++ P++>+++ L++>++++ E--- W+++ N o K- w++
O- M+ V? PS+ PE Y+ PGP t+ 5? X++ R+ tv++ b+ DI+ D+++ G++ e h- r-- y+

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