Including yourself in the E2 mailing address registry may actually result in receiving mail!

There has been alot of talk about the sending and recieving of postcards and other miscellany from fellow Everythingians for various reasons. I remember when my homie Sarcasmo was offering to send a postcard to whoever requested one from our fine hometown of Chicago, and liked the idea. I didn't feel it appropriate to include myself in his postcard mailings, as I felt it should be reserved for connecting with others whom are far away and whom he didn't see in person on a relatively frequent basis.
When I came across the Everything Mailing Address Registry node I eagerly signed up, not actually expecting to be noticed or written to. My write-up was actually voted down at first for reasons I cannot understand. However, low and behold I actually came across a mysterious postcard in my mailbox yesterday from our fellow noder Segnbora-t. As much as getting unexpected mail tends to make one's day, imagine the joy of getting something from a noder you've never met and who lives across the country? It made me glad.