"What you don't understand, you can make mean anything" - Chuck Palahniuk

My sister finally got her stuff back from the ex-boyfriend. He put it all in a box and handed it to her. In addition to a few pairs of shoes, some t-shirts and a pair of underwear (no idea how these got there considering that my sister never ever wears underwear), he also threw in every picture that they are in together, every picture with her in it, some shampoo, Q-tips and a few bars of soap, I am guessing stuff that she bought. In addition to the toiletries, he also threw in: a box of pasta salad, some old apples, low fat pop-tarts and some protein bars. Okay. I'm guessing the point he was trying to make was: I don't need you or your stinking pasta salad. A little over dramatic I think but hey, whatever. My question: What statement does this make? I'm guessing, "I don't need you." She was the one that broke off the relationship but saying "My ears are clean enough without you, have your Q-tips back" just doesn't make sense to me? Has he no dignity?

And when do you cross over that line between making a statement and making yourself look stupid? There is also a thin line between heartbroken and restraining order psychosis and he is straddling it. It's kinda sad if you think about it. He's a 38-year-old man and the only statement he chose to make about the end of the entire relationship was, "I don't need your shit bitch! How do you like those rotten apples?" (That was funny. Go ahead laugh at it. No one will see you).

There were quite a few signs pointing to his immaturity and the returned toiletries, spoiled apples, and stalking outings shouldn't come as that big of a shock. He did smear white shoe polish all over a picture of Christy and her ex-boyfriend. He also used to talk to me in [baby talk} whenever I would answer the phone (people that talk in baby talk to adults should be shot).

Maybe it wasn't an immature gesture at all. Maybe he was trying to tell her to, "You smell. Please take your soap back and take a shower." Or maybe, "You can't hear for shit, use these Q-tips." Maybe the pasta salad and Q-tips hold some sort of sentimental value and he wanted her to have them. I really don't know. It's a mystery to me.