The debate over a definition for art is never-ending., born on the tides of the infinitely fluid data ocean, is the beginning of the final culmination of art and the artist's fundamental endeavor: mapping the memetic space of the mind onto the physical dimensions of reality.

Beginning with the manipulation of physical space to control sensory stimuli (i.e. painting, music, culinary arts, etc.), the mental matter of language was then added to the mix to create poetry, song, fiction, campaign slogans. The computer is a language machine, built upon the foundations of a structured syntax. This is exactly what the human brain is, complete with visual and aureal expression. As such, the computer represents an abstract space with infinitely more resolution than the painter's canvas. As such, is the first art to accurately reflect the artist's consciousness with some degree of precision. Furthermore, since cyberspace is a global phenomenon, the internet increasingly reflects the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole. Whereas the brain and its descendent consciousness is a network organism on the micromolecular (and probably quantum) scale, the net is a distributed organism on the macrophysical scale, representing the exteriorization of abstract mental space. is the latest result of the universal algorithm of infusing Mind into matter. is; it is the prologue to the next big thing.