Music Men & Hit And Run

  • I enter a strange house shaped like long cylinder lying on its side (like a quonset hut) and recessed into the ground. Inside I meet my friend Adam and his brother Erik. Erik is working on a computer when I arrive. The room is bright and colorful, though a rather cluttered space. The light comes from large skylights embedded in the ceiling. Adam puts some jazz music on the stereo and we have a listening session. We discuss the music we're hearing on an abstract level, deeply impressed as we are with the improvisational prowess of the players. Soon a mutual friend of ours arrives: John Whooley, a professional musician locally famous in Santa Cruz. We all dig the tunes some more before leaving the house to go to a jazz show.

  • I'm with my friends Allen and Mario, having just exited a strange house in a strange neighborhood. We all know this is a dream and are having fun runnning through the residential streets. We revel in our ability to overcome the stereotype of sluggish dream-running as we speed down the street. We pass a park on our right and each of my bounding steps stretch ten, fifteen, twenty feet apart. I imagine we must look like running wolves. I call out the idea to my friends, "We're running like werewolves!" At that moment, three enormous wolves with brown fur bound past us on our left, going the opposite direction. They look like the wolves from Princess Mononoke, and only have time to snarl in greeting before they're gone behind us; we don't look back. A few seconds later I see a car coming towards us fast, head on. I easily leap over its whole length without breaking stride. I stop and turn to watch Allen attempt the same feat. Everything moves in slow motion as I see Allen dodge slightly to the left of the car. His legs move through a hurdler's motions as his body skims over the driver's side fender and mirror. The car speeds away leaving us three grinning at each other.