First, let me state that if this wasn't one of the weirdest dreams in recent memory, I would not be noding it. Generally, I can figure out the sources of most of the imagery in my dreams, but this one has me completely stumped.

I am in Florida and I have come here to accompany my boss and a group of others to a VERY IMPORTANT MEETING. I don't know who the meeting is with, I just know that we have to attend.

The meeting is being held in a town on the the lower east coast of Florida. Our accomodations are in the middle of the west coast and I am responsible for getting the group to the meeting. The problem: no transportation.

So I go into the neighborhood that the house we are staying is in and begin to look for a way to the meeting. What I immediately notice is that it is a very nice neighborhood. I instinctively know that the people who live here are rich beyond the dreams of avarice. As I am looking down the street, I see a vehicle approaching me. It is oddly shaped and appears to me to have sails on the top of the car. As it turns into a driveway some ways down the road I realize that what I had taken for sails is in fact a replica of the Sydney Opera House attached to the top of the car. Then I notice that similar vehicles are in almost every driveway on the street.

Someone tells me that they are the latest rage and that everyone owns one. They tell me that the acoustics in the car are wonderful and that they procede to show me by singing an aria. The music is beautiful, but the whole episode strikes me a completely bizarre.

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