Also a spiced tea mix that can be added into hot or cold water It's best added into hot water and drunk on icy cold days, or nights like tonight when the drafts are coming in so hard through my apartment that any heat is negated.
You will need:

tang powder, 1-2 cups
cloves, 1/4-1 teaspoon. be careful, cloves are very powerful, and don't dissolve well.
sugar, but you may not need this.
cinnamon, again, this is to taste
Instant tea powder This one's optional. I don't use it, personally
Lemonade powder, if you want. Most if not all of these ingredients are optional What you're aiming for is a spiced fruity sort of cider like punch.

add all ingredients to a jar. I used an old instant coffee can that I washed out very well and then put the lid back on and shook the hell out of. Works well every time.

Directions for use: add one or two teaspoons to a cupful of boiling water. adjust proportions to size of cup.