Alright. Today, I had my meningitis shot. You need it in order to go to college, because apparently when you're living in dorms, there are more diseases going around.

Why meningitis is the one you get vaccinated for, and not the others, perplexes me.

Either way, it's important to note how I am utterly incredibly deathly morified of getting shots. It is just insane, I can't take them. But I need to go to college!

I've never liked shots, and I've never really enjoyed going to the doctor either. I feel that they are a hassle and that unless I'm sick, you shouldn't have to go and visit the doctor. Getting a shot is worse though, because they hurt you, and make you pay for it, and I've been afraid of needles since I was a young'n.

I am presented with a dilemma.

Let's paint the scene: I am sitting on the table, with the nurse on the right with all her equipment. To the left is my mother. They are trying to convince me to take the shot.

Look, I don't have all day. And this
shot is expensive to put together. If you do it
at another time, you'll cost your parents more money.

But the other shot --
I'm taking it the next time we come!
Can't I take this shot then too?

Now, Stagmeister. You need this shot to go to college. Don't be stupid; take the shot.


/me picks up the alcohol swab and moves towards Stagmeister's arm

/me backs away

You need to go to college! You need this shot in order
to go to college. Therefore, you need this shot.

Needless to say (no pun intended), this continues for about fifteen minutes.

Eventually I did indeed get the shot (a little pain is worth going to college, and also I didn't want to spend the whole evening at the doctor's), but I don't feel so well now. My arm feels like the muscles are all out of place, and my foot feels like it's going to fall off my leg.

I don't know if my foot has anything to do with the shot, but my arm certainly does. I can't move my arm all the way back, and I have a headache.

Oy! Someone (or something) help me.

Overall, though, I am not hurt. This is something I know, and something that I know before I get shots. I know I will not get hurt in the shot unless I tense up (which I do often) or pull away when the needle is in me. I know it will be only half a second that the needle is in me.

So why am I so afraid of needles??? I don't know. I don't care. It's just the way I am, and I'm afraid that won't change.