C++ has (If I counted correctly) 74 keywords as opposed to the 32 C keywords. In the following alphabetical list, unmarked words are as in C, + marks a new keyword for an old C concept, and * marks something totally new in C++.

+and +and_eq asm auto +bitand +bitor +bool break case *catch char *class +compl const *const_cast continue default *delete do double *dynamic_cast else enum *explicit *export extern +false float for *friend goto if inline int long *mutable *namespace *new +not +not_eq *operator +or +or_eq *private *protected *public register *reinterpret_cast return short signed sizeof static *static_cast struct switch *template *this *throw +true *try typedef *typeid *typename union unsigned *using *virtual void volatile *wchar_t while +xor +xor_eq

Many of the new C++ features required new keywords, so some of these keywords are quite interesting. The new keywords are (sorted by use):

I believe each of these new keywords has its own node now.