Baltimore, Ireland for some reason prides itself on having the same name as Baltimore, USA. There's a plaque in Baltimore's main (only?) pub that goes on and on about the link between the two places. Of course Baltimore, Ireland has a population in the three digits. The pub there is great, and has a couple of small rooms off the main pub where groups can enjoy time together. I sang "Fairytale of New York" on the evening of January 1, 2000 there with a bunch of people from Dublin. Also, the clam chowder there is incredible, probably because you can basically step outside the bar, walk 30 steps, stick your hand into the water, and pull up clams.

I stole a pint glass from that pub, but felt bad about it and went back and gave the barkeep five punt. I still have the glass, which features the name of the pub, but I can't remember what it is =).