I'm in a large house. It is reminiscent of the place that two of Jeeves's brothers were housesitting for part of last month, wherein I found myself crashing in for the better part of a week. Anyway. Big house, owned by an older couple. Devoid of life except for me. Then I I notice a sack of weed on a table. "Gee, where did that come from?" And then an impressionable young kid is nearby, wandering around and looking at stuff. I try to distract him/her from the illegal substance, when suddenly I see two cops patrolling the house. They see me, the impressionable kid, and the dope. Damn. A little later, I'm being confronted by some adult.

"Look at you. You had your whole life ahead of you, but now you're pushing drugs on kids and getting thrown in to jail. I can't believe how evil these drugs have made you."

"Neither I nor the drugs are to blame for any of this. The system is punishing me for exercising my God-given right to be in the same room as some plant. A handful of monkeys made some silly rules back in the 1930's about possessing marijuana, and now a couple other monkeys are allowed to jail me due to a combination of said rules and some erroneous assumption they immediately jumped to. Why aren't you listening to me? I can't believe how stupid the government and all it's laws and lies have made you"