I bet at some time this has happened to you.

You think of some really funny word or phrase... something really good. Something to be proud of. And a short time later, there it is, plain as day... on TV! An evil power has taken your creation and inserted it into the dialogue of some inane program. Now your cool phrase is out in the world to be used by any schmo who has electricity and a set of rabbit ears.

I am going to tell you something creepy:

The Television Executives do this to you on purpose.

You see, it is a long embraced theory of Television Executives that the Viewing Public will always be drawn to the familiar. But it is hard to write a television program around what the Viewing Public, being a vast and varied species, finds familiar. So the Television Executives have begun using technology to implant these things directly into your brain.

"What technology?" you may ask.

Did a television commercial ever make you want something just because you saw its advertising? This is a prime example of the Television Executive’s method. Through the broadcast, they are able to send commands directly into your subconscious. With only slight alterations, the same commands can make you think you thought of something really clever.

There are readers who peruse all upcoming scripts and pick out catchy tunes, interesting stories, various words, and even fashion for implantation. The sound or image is then inserted into a carfully contrived false memory via a secret subliminal code and then sent behind the normal transmission of various media.

And there it is. Stuck forever in your brain. You’ll never forget the place where you saw your own thoughts aired on TV. Right there, for the world to see.