Is an online game that can be found at . It is an trading game much like the stock market, but instead of money you use "Soulbucks". You invest in a soul and wait for its price to go up and then sell, this is called pumping and dumping.
The price of a soul goes up 1 soulbuck for every 50 you make, or it goes up anywhere from 25-40 soulbucks per new owner. There are 9 levels (only 3 are active right now). The level one money cap is 20.4 million soulbucks, once you hit this cap you ascend to level 2 were your money is reset and you lose all your owners. Then you work you way up level 2 untill you hit that cap, and so on. I am on level 3 right now and no cap has been set so no one can ascend right now.
This is the basics of the game, I must warn you it's very addictive ;)