A superb example of an HTML atrocity. I got the URL off my daily newspaper's (atrocious) weekly Internet supplement.

The first thing to notice is the sage choice of domain name. Unless the "com" in .com is short for Communist (maybe "Che Guevara dot Commie"?), there's definitely something fishy. Even in today's highly globalised free market, I doubt Che would have been amused to find himself starring in a COMmercial site! A .org site would have cost the same, and would have been somewhat more descriptive.

My curiousity piqued, I decided to pay the site a visit. Sure enough, my trusty Netscape browser window turned red. At least they got something right! Then it complained it didn't know how to display ShockWave (I don't bother with it on my Linux box, for various good reasons). Then it gave up.

The HTML content of www.cheguevara.com consists of this: a red background. Oh, I almost forgot. The page has a title: "Che Guevara".

Now, I could install ShockWave if I were really that big a sucker. But what should your average blind Communist do? What about your generic third world Communist, trying to read the site with lynx on a computer with no serious graphics (or memory for frivolous addons)? Why on earth do we need ShockWave to display text???

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