Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "well heck, the title of this node says it all."
You're probably right.
But I'm going to write this anyways, because I am continually amazed at the amount of examples daily life presents me with that more than justify why stupidity should be painful.

I'll admit it, I've done stupid things in my life. Perhaps a dull throbbing sensation in the head would be the best way to correct stupidity, sort of like a reminder to us all that when we're about to do something completely boneheaded, that maybe we should reconsider our forthcoming actions. But this would solve only half of the real problem. What are we to do about those people that keep doing stupid things over and over?

locking them up won't do. There are simply too many morons and not enough space. Killing them would be a tiresome and messy affair, not to mention deciding where to dispose of the bodies. Our only sensible course seems to be making stupidity terribly painful to these dolts. Perhaps the most effective way to implement this is to take one of those nifty dog collars that lets out an electric shock when you try to cross the wire boundary, wire it up to a smart chip, and program the chip with a basic set of logic instructions and a dash of sensibility. Hook these babies up to all the idiots, dumbshits, morons, boneheads, and assorted jerks, and PRESTO! Stupidity becomes painful.

Maybe then the rest of us can lead slightly more productive lives with those folks out of the way, trapped in their homes because they keep trying to use the garage door opener to turn on the TV.