Insipid new "comedy" put out by the creators of "That 70's Show". While the 70's series is well cast and was originally (and still is, to a lesser extent) well-written and clever, "That 80's Show" is disgusting and overly raunchy, and the laugh track is used to an unbearable extent. It also misses on any real nostalgia for the 80's, instead going for ridiculous clichés, like the girl with the stupidly tall spikes of hair. Every line is a sexual one-liner, backed with, as I mentioned before, a loud, long, and obviously fake laugh track. The sound track could be made of rarely heard, cool 80's tunes from The Cure, The Clash, and others, but instead is made of played out stuff you'd hear during any 80's week on VH1 ("Love is a Battlefield", for example). I'm a fan of "That 70's Show", and was gravely dissapointed in this new series, which is painful to watch.

But if you must view this, it's on at 8:00 on Fox, Wednesday nights. If I know my general viewing audience, this show will have a long, long run.

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