While at an Oingo Boingo concert back in 1995, a good friend of mine told me that the easiest way to get through a humogous throng of people at an event such as a concert is to shout out something that will make people get out of your way. His two favorites were "woman in labor" and "hot coffee."

The very next day I was relating the tactic to a co-worker and accidentally said that the two phrases were "hot coffee" and "dead baby." This surprised her a bit, and she asked me if he'd ever actually shouted "dead baby" in a crowd before. All of a sudden I realized my mistake and felt really, really stupid. I told her the right phrase, and then suddenly we both started laughing at how funny it would be to hear someone shout that at a rock concert. From then on, the words hot coffee and dead baby became a terribly sick joke between the two of us.