Logged on to E2 today and was greeted with a msg from Spiregrain saying,

Hey! Happy Birthday

Very puzzling as my birthday is in February so he's either way too early or very late. I msg'd him back enquiring whether he'd sent it to the wrong person but no he hadn't it was my birthday, it took me a while but I got it.

Today isn't my actual birthday but my E2-day. It was a year yesterday since I first logged on.

So how do I celebrate, I mean I can't have a big party so I guess I'll have to be all spiritual about it and take it as a time of reflection about my time here

On come the rose tinted glasses

Remembering the good times, my first node and my first XP which a joyous feeling of satisfaction and relief that it wasn't voted down.
My first message from Cool Man Eddie (which I've kept!)He spreads so much joy, what a wonderful job
Getting to level 2, a fact I didn't even notice for an entire day.
My first E2 Meet, Monkeys in Soho A-Go-Go which I'm glad I didn't run from!

And the bad times which I can visit every day for a laugh in Node Heaven.
The first time I got downvoted was very upsetting but I got over it and re-read E2 HTML Tags.
My mission drive on Everything is

To learn understand and hopefully teach

I know I'm fulfilling it. Roll on the next year!