Daylogs. So this is what all the arguments have been about. I am a new noder, fresh meat for the grinder etc. I wrote my first daylog yesterday out of pure searing frustration with my cancerous polyp of a computer, and now I'm going to write another one for reasons I cannot fathom.

While exploring the node structure, trying to get a feel for the rights and wrongs of E2 so I dont sink my own ship, I have come across what appears to be a flame war-style debate about daylogs. Why are people arguing about this so much? The way I see it, if this place is to live up to it's name (rather than simply becoming a user-submitted encyclopaedia), stuff like daylogs have to exist. People will always post their thoughts alone, because people are not ordered creatures. That is why this writeup is a daylog, because it is rambling, self-referential and ultimately pointless. People will write what they think and feel on walls, windows, vehicles and anything else they can find. Such behaviour gives rise to both vandalism and street art. By condemning daylogs, you throw the baby out with the bathwater, getting rid of people who write their deepest and most intimate thoughts because they can find no way to title them for a true writeup along with those who write 'I like cheese' just to make up their writeup count for the next level.

So, risking this WU being sunk by a hoard of angry downvoters, I say keep daylogs. Keep daylogs at all costs, because they lend a quintessentially human and chaotic element to an already excellent information source, without which E2 would become a reference archive, and not the rich and thriving community it appears to my (inexperienced) eyes to be.