This is a recipe that I learnt from a friend, who in turn learnt it from his Thai girlfriend, so it's pretty authentic. Fried rice is essentially a dish that's made with whatever is left in the fridge, plus rice; a bit like nasi goreng. However, it might be wise to practice first with this recipe so that you know more or less what it should taste like, and then make your own variations.

Warning: preparing this dish will make your house and your clothes smell greasy for the rest of the evening!. And the next day if your ventilation isn't too good.

All ingredients should be cut into small pieces or thin strips so they can be stir-fried. All that cutting takes a lot of time, but the final preparation is very fast. It's usually best to make one serving at a time, with half of the ingredients, because otherwise the wok will get too full and your cooker very messy.

For two persons, you need the following:

Heat a wok or other pan suitable for stir-frying and add a bit of oil. When the oil is hot, fry sambal, onions and garlic, chicken and spices. When the chicken is almost done, add the tomato and cabbage. When the cabbage is done, add the rice and stir-fry until all is hot. Then add the cashews and fish sauce to taste, and maybe some salt. Serve with slices of cucumber.

For a vegetarian version, you just leave out the chicken and find a substitute for the fish sauce (salty soy sauce will probably work well). You can also add an egg, or use other vegetables... use your imagination!