I bought a laptop computer last saturday. I am unable to access the Internet from home though. If I do my grandma will kick me out and I have nowhere to go. But at least I can type now. I can play games and begin writing again. If I use my class time wisely I can get schoolwork done and keep up with email and be able to become an active member of this E2 is a community again. I can search the site and see what information is already written on topics I may want to write about and find additional information on the web and then when I am at home with nothing to do I can write the nodes I want to write. When I get back to class I can check any links and copy and paste from Word to E2 and add the softlinks.

As for my daily life in general, well, it could be worse. I spend my nights sitting in bed with my laptop. I you vs. the sun each morning from about 7:30am until my grandma makes me get up which varies from as early as 8am to as late as close to 4pm. I’m at home when I’m not here at school. I rarely go anywhere. School is Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. Monday nights I have an introduction to the internet class. I’m only taking this class as an excuse to get out of the house and get online. Everything that we have done so far has been stuff that I could do in my sleep. I follow along while doing several other things as well. The class I am taking on Tuesday and Thursday nights is a self-paced Office Technology class. I can work as fast or as slow as I want. I got through more than half of the textbook in the first couple weeks and now plan to do just enough work a night to hide that I am on e2 and yahoo. Wednesday nights I’m taking a computer maintenance and repair class. We don’t have working computers in that classroom.

My great aunt arrives today. She’ll be staying with us for a couple of weeks. I haven’t seen her for more than a decade. She lives in Arkansas. I’m dreading her stay. She’s a nice woman but she is probably going to use my bedroom, unless she decides to share a room with her sister. I could spend the next two weeks or so in the living room. I’m so not looking forward to that. It’s a lot to deal with for me. My grandma has lectured me about being good while her sister is here. She means to not let my aunt see the medication I’m on, and not to let her see any of the scars on me, and to not let on when I’m depressed or upset. I always feel like I’m living a lie. I have to be “okay” and “fine” when I’m really not.