The title is actually taken from a really sappy song that was very popular for a time during the 70s, sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

I just opened a small envelope containing a note written almost sideways across the paper by my 15 year-old daughter who at the time of writing was en route to Miami. She wrote:

“I’m on the airplane (she wrote ‘airplaine’) and it’s incredibly boring. Sorry about the handwriting, but I’ve never really been able to write straight on blank paper. I’m sitting beside a perfect, happy family, and I think I’m going to shoot myself! A little depressing, but I resent families like that. I consider them fake, ‘cause there’s got to be something wrong with them that they’re hiding.”

That gave me pause for a moment, but I’m glad that at 15 she’s already a seasoned traveler, not easily taken in by appearances, and can laugh at her own interpretations.

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