Today is my little sister's birthday so we're going to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. I go there alot. Most of the employees know me. I'd apply for a job there but I'm afraid I'd get it. Why is that bad? Well 3 reasons: 1. I refuse to work with food. 2. I can't wear shorts (scars and I'm sensitive to the cold) 3. I'd screw up my SSI and I don't think I'm ready to keep a job.

My sister sent me an email that literally made me LOL. She's thirteen today. I call her short stuff playfully.

Subject: teenagerism........K

Wow!!!!!! Big Make believe word.
Thanks sissie.
I am a teenager.
Loves ya

I'm in a pretty good mood today. I spent all night doing stuff instead of laying in bed tossing and turning.
I put brand new sheets on my bed. I got them for Christmas but just never took them out of the package. They're flannel and really nice. When I finally went to bed at like half past six this morning They were nice and soft just like the pj's she gave me. I worked on rewriting my Raynaud's Disease node though it's not finished yet, I wrote out the assignment that had to be emailed to the teacher. I organized my CD's. I have 90! I made a list of all of them too. hehe. Ok well my mom just got home and now I don't remember what I was doing.