Author: Stephen King
Published: September 1980
428 pages
$13.95 USD
ISBN 0-670-31541-9
Intended audience: Young Adult

The story begins in 1969, when an experiment is done. Several college students including Andy and Vicky take part in a drug experiment for pay that is run by a secret, brutal government agency known only as “the Shop.” Some of the people involved suffered from dementia and even death. Vicky becomes mildly telekinetic. Andy shows powers of mental domination. These two students later marry and have a child, Charlie McGee. Before Charlie is even out of diapers they realize she has horrifying powers of pyrokinesis. “The Shop” would very much like to isolate, study, and control this child and her unique powers.

Agents for “the Shop” kill Vicky and relentlessly pursue Andy and now 8-year-old Charlie. They leave a wake of destruction. Eventually the agents manage to force Charlie to use her powers in numerous experiments. In doing this they unwittingly give her the opportunity to develop and train this power for a scene of incredible destruction.

This book appeals to science fiction fans, people interested in psi phenomena, and the supernatural, and fans of Stephen King’s style of writing.