I'm in high spirits. What's been happening the last couple days? Well lots actually, at least in my normally dull life. Well let's see...

Yesterday was a long day but a good day. I got up early, (which for me was about 11am). I showered and got ready to leave the house. I got online, messed around on E2 while I talked to my boyfriend Ed and my best friend YellowFlower. Then I said goodbye to Ed, and told YellowFlower I'd see her soon.

I took her back her laptop that she loaned me. We then went to the Christian Book store and bought something for Ed but I'm not going to say what because it's still in the mail. hehehe. He knows what it is but not which one it is.

After that we went to the post office. That was an adventure. Me and her are so much alike it's scary. Two dumb valleygirls. "Um, like Miss Postlady, like how do I sent this to Illinios? And I like need to send money to someone in Ohio. I'm like totally clueless and like she like don't know either so we like need help." That is like an exact quote too, which is kinda scary LOL Finally after a lot of back and forth with the Asian post office worker that didn't understand us and we didn't understand her, we finally got a money order sent to Christopher and a birthday present sent to Ed.

From there we went down to the college. I paid the dollar it cost to park and found a parking spot fairly close. I walked her to class then went to the bookshop there. I bought a Code Red Mountain Dew and some sinus pills. Then I went to the computer lab and sent an email to Christopher to tell him I'd sent him the money. While there I got my scantron and pencil and ID out so that when I got to the testing center on the other side of campus I'd have everything ready. I took the test for my psychology class and guessed on almost all of the answers. After that I found her around campus after lots of searching. We left the school and had the whole "now what do we do" "anything but home" conversation.

We ended up in downtown Covina. We walked around and swore we wouldn't buy anything. I came home with two cd's and some candy. She bought some candy and something else too I think. We went in a record store that was going out of business that actually sells records as in LPs! Remember those blank spiny things? We also went in the used book shop and I was so tempted to spend so much money there but we both managed to leave that scary claustophobic store without actually buying anything. We also went in the new book store and escaped there emptyhanded there too. We went in a few other stores too including Candy Connection and each came out spending only a dollar a piece.

Then we went home because it was getting dark and when the sun goes down the town pretty much shuts down completly. I got online and talked to Ed and he let me hear him through netfone (I think that's what it's called). This is so cool! I can hear him! He can say "I love you" and it's not just words on a computer screen. Eventually I'll get myself a headset so I can talk to him too but I've ran out of money for the month.

When I had to log off I was sad because I had to stop listening to his wonderful voice but happy and content at the same time. I got a lot done last night in my room and watched like 3 old movies but I don't remember what they were.

Today I got up feeling pretty good. Talked to Ed and Christopher and now I'm listening to Ed again. Then after talking to Christopher there was a loud knock on the door. It was the mailman! I got my laptop!!!!! Woohoo! And it works good! Christopher Rules!!! He put all these off-the-wall little things in it to and made me laugh. It's been a good day!

So in summary: