No one who knows me believes me when I tell them I’m training for a marathon. I’m one of the least physically active people around, or at least I was. Last November a friend of mine lost her father, a wonderful man, to Leukemia. She has since talked myself and 2 other friends into joining her in this marathon training in which we each need to raise $2,200 or more for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in order to participate. Part of the fundraising is a letter writing campaign. I’ve been working hard on that part. We’re also selling purple bracelets that say Train Endure Achieve Matter on them. Other fundraisers such as selling See’s candy are also coming up. We’ve been walking 5-6 days a week. On Saturday’s we go to the Pasadena Rose Bowl for training which is costing me $100 I don’t really have to spend. I’ve also had to spend money to buy work-out clothes, a back brace, etc.

Each day my friends and I go to a local track. We’ve been doing this since January 30, 2005. The following is our training schedule so far:

  • January 30: Went to a street mall and walked it for 2 hours.
  • January 31: Serious training began with a 25minute/1 mile walk on the track
  • February 1: 2 miles around the track
  • February 2: 25 minute walk around the track. The wind slowed us down so we only walked ¾ of a mile
  • February 3: 2 miles
  • February 4: 25 minutes/1 mile
  • February 5: 4 miles with trainer
  • February 6: Myself, 2 of my siblings, and my best friend went to Disney’s California Adventure
  • February 7: I rested
  • February 8: 2 miles. Began going to the gym
  • February 9: 25 minutes/1 mile. Went to gym
  • February 10: 2 miles and gym
  • February 11: 25 minutes
  • February 12: 5 miles with trainer
  • February 13: 2 miles
  • February 14: 30 minutes and gym
  • February 15: 2 miles and gym

As well as doing all this I’m also going to school. I dropped my developmental psychology class but am still taking Abnormal Psychology and Health Science.

And now back to studying and fundraising…