It's friday today, and recently friday means "dad day". I have the privilege to be your dad sophia; I have the privilege to watch you fall asleep, to change your diapers and feed you. Thank god it's friday, little one.

You're a little over four months old now, and you've changed so much already. I see your control of your hands develop so quickly. You're in the middle of discovering the world right now, mostly by putting everything in your mouth (including my hands, my shirt or even my nose). You smile the world to me every morning, and I'm so unbelievably thankfull for that.

I think I found my purpose in life, I never cared much for a career and now I even couldn't care less. It's impossible to express what I'm feeling right now (and have been feeling for the past 4 months), but I'm trying anyway because I have to. I am your father Sophia and I have never been so proud in my whole life.

You go and have your little baby nap now, daddy will watch over you.