I must not have gotten to sleep until after 7 am yesterday morning. This is a bit late even for me. Mostly I know I was in bed by 7 trying to sleep and failing. Then after I finally do fall asleep I get a call (which is a rarity for me these days) about 10:30 am that I answer a bit groggily.


Hello, this is Sergeant Lockhart with Metro, I'm just calling to inform you that we will be doing a raid on one of your neighboring units this morning. We just want you to remain calm, stay in your unit, and keep the door locked. Everything should go smoothly and we will be in and out in a timely fashion, we just wanted to alert you of the commotion.

It's not uncommon for me to drum my fingers. On my legs, on the table, on anything. Not out of impatience, just out of a song getting in my head. My brother does it too. He actually learned how to play the drums growing up. I have no idea where this behavior comes from.

During officer Lockhart's call all I could think about was the time a few nights ago I absentmindedly drummed my fingers against the wall behind me as I was lying in bed. A knock came at my door, which, at 2 in the morning, was probably less uncommon than a phone call at 10:30 am.

I threw on some pants and answered the door. I saw through the peephole it was my next door neighbor. Despite the lateness of the hour and the fact this man could most definitely kick my ass if my body didn't respond with some super-human surge of adrenaline, I decided to open the door. After all, he might just want a cup of sugar.

Was I being too loud?

"Um, no..."

Oh, did you knock on the wall?

"Oh, no..." I was going to explain that I didn't mean to knock on the wall, not actually lie about it, but he cut me off.

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.

He turned to leave. I'm sure it was obvious I was pretty tired, despite the fact he didn't actually wake me up. Before I could apologize or anything he was on his way back to his apartment, so I just let him go.

He just seemed so...paranoid.

"All righty..." I told the officer wondering how much sleep I was going to get that day.

At this point the "officer's" voice changes as he starts to laugh.

I've been had!

At first I'm thinking it's a friend of mine I left in Colorado that I haven't actually spoken to since I came to Vegas. We have e-mail back and forth but I haven't heard his voice in months. Then after a bit longer I realize it is a new friend I made here in Vegas that I just recently gave my number to.

I ended up going to his house for the first time yesterday, meeting his wife, another friend of their's, and playing Modern Art for the first time. I love learning a new game, especially when it's as amazing of a game as Modern Art. It's a pity we only played once.

Anyway, I just wanted to publicly, time-stampedly declare the practical joke war is on. Despite revenge being a dish that is best served without detailing one's plans on the internet, it will be served.