What does your smile look like?

Immediately I thought of the digital picture I had my roommate take of me over a year ago. He had invited me to live with him in a new town, and thinking that living with one true friend had to be better than my current situation, I accepted. Not 3 weeks later he started dating a girl that lived in a town 2 hours away. He was gone literally half the week.

My smile couldn't look at all then.

So I looked for company online. Some brilliant demographic research on someone's part informed someone else that I was a single male. And so you get e-mail. And it's not even all porn. For whatever reason I have never spent a dime on anything online besides Everquest. So when I saw a personals advertisement that said FREE I had to investigate to find the catch.

There was none. They had been running free personals for a while, but it was going to end soon. So for a few months I actually met some women online without The Man making any money off me.

Got a pic?

I read that question too many times to count. It had been several years since I had last looked to the internet for companionship. Back then I didn't care what the girl from New Zealand looked like, it was enough that she enjoyed talking to me online so much she actually ended up calling me.

After a while, however, it dawned on me my roommate had a digital camera, it shouldn't be hard to put a pic of myself online somewhere.

So that's the first thing I thought of now, when asked what does your smile look like?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I'm the kind of arrogant bastard that would dare say my words are worth more.

Besides, some times the old ways are best.

My smile

My smile looks like it was once ugly, once hidden. My smile looks like the money my parents spent to make it perfect. My smile looks like a summer romance taught it how to shine again. My smile looks like it knows something you don't. My smile looks like it knows what you want, but won't give it to you until you admit it. My smile looks like it doesn't need you to climb on top of a pyramid and shout your love. My smile looks like it's lobbying for whispers for my ears.