Came to work today, went to a 3 hour meeting, walked out and a coworker grabbed me for lunch -- he wouldn't tell me where we were going. Next thing I know, I'm walking into a Chucky Cheese's where 20 of my coworkers are yelling "Happy Birthday." I didn't even know these places still existed.

They had rented the birthday room, full of balloons, pizza, cake, and a big dancing mouse with clothes on. With the package came hundreds of tokens for the arcade. Wow. A scary vision to see a room full of programmers challenging each other to beat the game.

We ended up with 4110 tickets. It was very sad to be standing in line next to these little kids who had worked so hard for their 10 or 12 tickets ...

'Who were these grown-ups and why were they playing with our games?'

3 hours later, I came back to work with my brand new disco ball for my desk.

Not a bad day of work at all. Not a bad birthday, either.