A friend of mine emailed me last night with this question, I decided to node my reply.
there are so many good things going on in life at the moment. i don't even know where to begin.

i have a cold, a hole in at least one of my teeth that will require root canal work, not enough work done with the chance that i will get kicked out of uni within the next month or so, a relationship that borders on the absurd, a family that is sucumming to all sorts of ailments, a homland that is prospreous without me , all my old friends gone, elsewhere, not enough money, but tommorrow the sun will rise, there will be a breeze brushing against my skin when i walk from my apartment to my office.

i will sleep tonight and when i wake the earth will have moved 12 more hours around the sun, across the earth children will have been born, will be waking to see thir first sunrise, people will be falling in love, will have spent their first night in each others arms, the trees will have inched a little closer to the sky and with the passing of time those who think will have become a little bit wiser.

in spite of our troubles, beautiful things will contine to happen, across the universe the stars will cast out their light, making patterns for those who wish to see them. in the clouds you can see faces,

on a more practical level i cleaned my bathroom and my kitchen today (yay!) . thats another good thing no?