Hanging Rock is a prominent limestone crag opposite Gortatole outdoor adventure centre in Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. At the base of the crag there is a nature preserve. Some of the trees in this nature reserve have New Forest beech-lichen (Enterographa elaborata) on them. This is a very rare lichen in the UK and it is known to exist in one other location, the new forrest.

The quality of the rock at Hanging Rock looks good. I explored some way along the base of the crag last saturday evening, but had to leave before nightfall.

There are some routes recorded on the face, but I have not yet managed to get any information about them, I intend to do this and then to explore the face for some unclimbed lines. It seems that there has not been much climbing there for quite some time and this gives me hope that I will be able to forge a new route or two up the main face. (I'll keep you all posted)

The face appears to be about 60 m in height.