This is the name of a cave in Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. I was in this cave on Saturday, went with many friends for a weekend of caving and drunkeness. Never having been caving proper before I was assigned to some of the easier caves while many of my friends went and did SRT in preperatino for a big trip they are taking in september.

That said the caves I did get into were excellent.

White fathers is a cave that has a river flowing through it. It is quite short, I estimate the distance along it to be about 60m, perhaps a little longer. You walk through the river, the celing is quite high and there are an abundance of formations on the celing and along the walls, these range from rockflow to staligtights and small pools filled with water that is so clear you cannot see the water unless it is rippling.

About half way through the cave the water is up to my waist, we notice that there are bats flying around in the cave, they skim past us over the water, slient and fluttering at the same time, it's hard to explain.

A little furtur on and now the water is up to chest height. The water remainss at a constant temperature of 4C all year long. Ocassionaly cavers go though this system with nothing but a belt, light and helmet. I was told that some had done this on New Years while there was snow on the ground outsdie the cave.

About 3/4 of the way into the cave Owen says we should turn off our lights. It is truly dark, by this time we are swimming. the water is in my wellies, throughout my caving suit, and I feel heavy in the water, still able to swim, my companions are wearing wet suits but I have a fleece suit on under the outer layer and it is taking in water like a sponge, however the water is not too deep below me and I am still boyant.

Darkness is total, our voices bounce around the walls in exileration, and then I see a faint glimmer, the light at the end of the tunnel. We swim towards it, crawling now along teh shallow river bed and out into hte sunlight and the slightly heavy and opressive air.

Warm up, back in through and back home.

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