Edinburgh Castle is built on a volcanic plug. During the Ice Age glaciers streamed down from the north and cleared away land from the east and west side of the plug. The result is a large cliff that rises on the northern side, on the leeward side of the glaciers path the land slopes gently downwards forming The Royal Mile. Either side of this road buildings rise off of the steep slopes, most of these buildings seem to be about four stories high but because they are constructed on the steep slopes of the material that the glacier left behind the volcanic plug, many of the buildings are in fact 11 and 12 stories high.

The top of the plug was of great military importance and settlements have been there since the bronze age. This is the location of the castle. The oldest building still extant there is within the walls of the present fortress, this building is Saint Margaret's Chapel, built by the Normans and standing now for over 900 years.

The castle was the seat of the kings of Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to King James VI of Scotland who later became James I of England at the death of Elizabeth I.

The castle has an armoury in which is displayed weapons and memorabilia from every conflict in which Scottish regiments have partaken.

The Crown Jewels of Scotland are on display to the public in the Castle. Elizabeth II of England dedicated the opening of the new room housing the Crown Jewells. On the commemorative plaque it says thet the room was dedicated by Elizabeth I, this is because the present Queen Elizabeth is the first queen by that name of Scotland. Apparently she was not amused.

Every year during the Edinburgh Festival the castle ramparts host the military tattoo. I guess this is fun if you like men in uniforms.

The castle has been climbed in both winter and summer. The protagonists got away with a small fine. I tried to climb the castle one night whilst very drunk. I got half way up and then was unable to move. I made a pact with God, that if I got down without killing myself I would give up alcohol for a year. I lasted 11 1/2 months, then I got dumped by some girl and fell off the wagon.