Don't normally remember my dreams but this left an impression.

I went away to the west of Ireland to go climbing, sleeping in Liam Reinhart car. Connor Burns and Ed Wheelan, old climbing partners there too.

Dirk Carstens might have been with us. Scene shifts from the cliff tops to the inside of a house, leaning out the window in the evening, looking out along the top of the cliffs, American Stealth Bombers are destroying everything, I think I can see fifty maybey a hundrerd circiling in the sky, they approach us, we know we are going to die. As they get closer it becomes apparent to all of us that someone is trying to destroy all of mankind. There is one hope of escape, they invaders are not killing some special people, the reason is unclear.

We crawl through the window, someone in our group is recognised as being special and we are not killed but we begin to turn into the aliens. Our heads swell, large bulgin eyes, fish like skin, spherical heads, very odd.

With everyone turned into aliens the aliens and ourselves now assume humn form. They have come to replace humans ?

We are now walking along the streets of Dublin, but the streets are waterlogged, it is like Venice, the footpaths are narrow, passsing others is not possible.

A fight ensues, much acrobatics, not resolved,

Later in a living room sitting around, who are aliens who are real people?, the aliens begin saying that their plan is succsesfull, they have destroyed all the Jews, this disturbs me, I don't understand why. A pill is passed around those who are aliens who eat retake their original form, then a human eats it and dosen't change, there is dismay amongst the aliens, this person is Jewish. It becomes clear that the aliens cannot keep a human form in the presence of a jewish person. The aliens covet the human form as theirs is plain ugly and this was the motivation for killing the Jews.

Then the dream turns to a guided tour of somewhere, on a plank, plastic trinkets, Elizabeth Taylor's shoes.