There are two methods of tying line to your fishing hook. The first method is called the clinch knot. This method is very common, and most people use this method due to its reliability.

Hold the hook in one hand and slip the fishing line through the eye of the hook. Pull the line a few inches from the eye. Twist the hook six to eight times (the fishing line should twist too). Take the end of the fishing line, and slip it through the first loop of fishing line (the loop at the eye of the hook). Next take the end of the fishing line and pass it through the new loop that was created from the last twist to the first twist. Tighten the fishing line and clip excess line.

The next method is called the turtle knot. Pull the line through the eye of the hook, tie a slip knot at the end of the line. Next, pull the loop of the slip knot over the body of the hook and pull. Don't forget to cut the excess line.