Background: Our company funds a couple of eating-gatherings a week, one for Friday lunch and another on Wednesday nights, called movie night. For movie night, the person who calls in the order (we get food delivered) gets to choose the movie (we belong to netflix).

Anyhow, the food was sushi this last movie night. I had never had it before, and decided to try some. Okay, I'll be honest, the only adventurous one I tried was the salmon. The others were avocado, fake crab, and some other veggie one.

The salmon didn't taste like much at all, it mostly had a texture. It reminded me of when I tried a oyster. And after eating one with the seaweed wrapper, I didn't do that again, it was too fishy for me. I'm not all that wild about caviar either, but at least it makes a good cracker topping. But all of these "fancy" foods seem to be a waste of money for me, since I'd just rather eat junk food if I'm going to get something just for texture or salt.

I'm not sure my experience qualifed as having tried sushi. But at least I can claim it does.

I don't know...maybe I'm just a boring person when it comes to cuisine. I like Italian, Tex-mex, Chinese, "American" (steaks, seafood, etc.), some Middle-eastern. I don't detest most other foods, but they don't thrill me, either.