What a crazy workday. My phone must have rang about 30 times...there was a crisis with one of our data vendors that affected several of our customers, and our vendor called us a lot to keep up updated. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they kept us informed. Its just that I would be talking with a developer one one phone about the problem and then the vendor would call my phone, and since I have it set to forward to my cell phone, that would start ringing. After this happened two or three times, the developer had sympathy and told me "Go ahead, answer your phone."

I'm taking 1/2 day off tomorrow, the morning half, which I like the best because then I can sleep in. I would take the whole day off but I have to train people tomorrow. Hopefully they will remember and not be off doing other stuff.

Meanwhile, what is up with this winter weather here in the Boston area? I mean, for goodness sake, its mid-July! I can't even walk home without getting cold. The weather person on the news tonight said it would probably be this way this weekend, which is kinda a bummer in my book. Okay okay...I know I'll just have to get over it.