Chod (literally "cutting") is also a Tibetan Buddhist ritual practice.

The traditional Lineage transmission begins with Machig Labdronma who learned its practice in the charnel grounds of India.

Essentially, it consists of sitting amongst the decaying corpses and packs of jackals late at night scaring the bejeeezus out of yourself.

Visualizing everyone that you have ever harmed in any way in any lifetime, you summon them as demons through chanting and twirling a large drum called a damaru that has two strikers attached by strings.


As the demons approach (and bear in mind that you are a medieval Tibetan peasant and you believe in demons) you visualize your own body as a corpse. You visualize chopping up your own body and offering it to the demons to appease their anger and assuage their hunger and thirst with your skin, meat, bones, marrow, organs, and bodily fluids.

Satisfied, the demons go away. Visualizing that you are now bodiliess, you contemplate emptiness or sunyata.

Of course, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of sunyata as the mere absence or removal of things rather than an understanding of the no-"thing"ness of experiences.

But then most Buddhists misunderstand almost everything about Buddhism.