Most of the time that I'm interacting with a computer on a lower level than the point and click interface, it's a UNIX machine. I'm typing commands into an xterm, Eterm or even your generic ssh or telnet client.

I am working for a large computer company known for making PCs, so of course the cutting-edge technology I'm using is a pentium 2 with a whopping 64 Mb of RAM running Windows NT 4. (Not only am I stuck using windows, but I'm using windows on a shitty PC.)

There are times, though, when I decide that I need a command prompt window for Windows itself. Even though the prompt may be a very obvious C:\> i still find myself typing commands lik 'ls -la', 'uptime', 'pwd', 'uname -a' and even 'rm -f'.

Thankfully people have ported UNIX shells and commands to win32 so that these commands can actually work in windows. I find it frustrating, though.

Maybe Microsoft should just write a wrapper for these commands so that rather than get:

C:\> pwd
The name specified is not recognized as an
internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

You get:

C:\> pwd
This is WINDOWS.  Repeat, WINDOWS.  Not UNIX!  Point and click too 
good for you?  What are you using a command prompt for, anyway, luddite-boy?

Does Microsoft have a sense of humor?