Here's a band name generator I wrote in Python a year or two ago, just to make a point about how silly J-pop band names are. Keep in mind that I am not a programmer, so this code sucks.

The program requires a file called elements.txt, which contains a carriage return deliminated list of random words. I used a collection of about 100 funny and not-so-funny words found in actual J-pop artist/band names, but you could just as easily use any other word list.

generate=1000    # this is how many names to generate...
namefile=open('elements.txt', 'r')
name=['music']   # this is a list that will store the read elements...
                 # this can read whatever band element you want it to
# The file input function puts an extra /n/ on for carriage returns,
# so we have to cut it off while reading from the file (hence the [:-1])
# The routine stops when it reads an "EOF" from the file, or, in this
# case, an "EO" (since the names are sliced at the end)
while x<>1:
        if nameinput=='EO':
while a<generate:
	if words<2:
		print name[int(random.random()*len(name))], name[int(random.random()*len(name))]
	elif words>2.5:
		print name[int(random.random()*len(name))]
		print name[int(random.random()*len(name))], 'and', name[int(random.random()*len(name))]
The output looked kinda like this:

Python 2.2a2 (#22, Aug 22 2001, 01:24:03) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] on win32
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yuki and hikaru
children double
brand shibuya
shojo ash
koyanagi speed