Geekdom is bliss.
The laws were still molten and we struck while the metal was still hot. The heat generated by true love ever a wonder to behold, if not useful to warm our own jaded and cooling souls. We renewed our faith in the people of Earth. We smiled back at us, a wry gentle smile, filled with the will to knowledge. The wind blew at 70 miles an hour, but the flames on the birthday cake refused to go out. They danced for us, bending in the bright night air, glowing like a campfire on Snoqualmie Pass. A dancing distant light. We left our car and stepped out into the open sky. Bright black, scintillating, sparkling. Like bubbles in a pint of mountain dew.

Candle and I went out on a virtual date last night. We started with me guiding Candle through the Gauntlet of Dreams. The nightmare of the carnival held no fear for her for she was constantly reminded of the game by her guardian angel. Her big picture of reality was mine.

Our roles reversed when I stepped into the movie theatre. The dance continued and Candle continued to allow me to believe that I led. We grinned at one another maniacally. The film was putty in our shared hands. We both saw it again for the first time. The second time promised to be better, as did the third. We remembered our first film together, Ever After, a total flop. Our second, Hearts in Atlantis was much better, though still confusing. Candle took the lead in Monsters, Inc. and we both laughed.

I thanked her, from the bottom of my heart.

thank you
    for a cross
       for yellow
         for the line you drew
          for droplets of rain
          for the sunshine on my shoulder
         for the tears on my face
       for the blood in my veins
         for the arterial highway
          for the moon
          for the drink
         for water
       for the stars in the sky
    for the pixels on my screen
for my brothers and sisters

Apparent attempts continue to be made to make Us feel guilty about Our play. And You know what? They appear to be working. We surrender. But play shall never be subjugated to the forces of work! We are more than that little game. We laugh in Your face.