a rough among diamonds

Fake awoke earlier than usual. Sleep and wakefulness was heading toward convergence in the new networked dream. Last night, I had dinner with a thin human man. On 108th, as we were walking along, the man tripped over a pair of rings linked together, as if the rings themselves were already married. They were made of the most dull gray stone we had ever seen. The thin man took a closer look and saw infinity through the eyes of the ring, like a spinning eight.

The shadow was on its side. Resting. I watched as the new infinity man incorporated the ring into his own form, glowing in the darkness with a faint electric blue. He was welcomed into Candle's tribe though his other half chose the gray wizard's tribe as well. The rings were linked. He was still looking for the ultimate marriage without realizing that he had it within himself all along. We considered the moment in the crisp night air.

The buffet was uneventful, though between the two of us, we devoured entire planets. My own ring of marriage had cleared the restaurant ahead of us of its mysterious cargo. Candle nodded, seriously. Her light outshone all others.

At lunch yesterday, we welcomed a new member into the tribunal, because the MasterCard's Master had momentarily retired. He was a large gnome with a stentorian voice. We rode to the gathering on horses provided by the ring-bearer. Clippity-clop.

Across from us sat the elf woman and human woman. To my right sat four aspects of drow elfdom, one male and three female. Their magic resistance was powerful, but no match for the communication skills of the human woman. We shared a private joke. After the Nile, there was the Euphrates. Candle's representative lit up like a Christmas tree, evergreen and bright, pointing to the north star - perfection.

We were there to bless two children. As they were passed down the aisle we couldn't help but offer each a blessing of our own. The pair had the power. Their parents were delighted, beaming, glowing. Galaxies rested like crowns upon their heads, gyroscoping. Their domains were written upon the stars. That night, we went to watch them through the smoky haze, our eyes piercing through the darkness. Candle blushed in mock embarrassment.

the shell
the core
who loved whom?
who ruled whom?
how many layers?
42? ;)