Changing the World
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Accounts for the innumerable inhumanities which occur every day are often published in magazines and websites. Articles of this sort rarely gain widespread media attention, which is critical to incite nationwide awareness-- and without nationwide awareness, there is little hope for the people trying to make a change. Without media backing, there are two options for an independent party to try to publicise their views: it could try to manipulate their points in a way which will appeal to popular media outlets (television, news websites, radio shows), or it could choose to express itself through more 'independent' methods.

The latter choice is most ideal, though extremely difficult to accomplish successfully. Manipulating ideas to appeal to major news networks risks losing important points; though to convince enough people to spread a message on a national level without the media's help is an extremely formidable task.

One of the the easiest ways for small groups to convey messages to a substantial audience (i.e., ignorant America) is through culture jamming and other methods of guerilla-style advertising; a few examples of this are electronic hijacking, graffiti, mock protests, independent broadcasting, and public improvisation. The controversial statuses associated with such means of activism may gain popular media attention, resulting in widespread broadcasting which (with much luck) may portray the cause in a positive light.

If activists themselves expressed themselves illegally more often, the media would eventually be obligated cover it. Such behaviour should be encouraged by a communities who hope for a better world, but have different ideas on how to achieve it. The emphasised goal should be awareness, understanding, and acceptance of others' suffering: widespread awareness often incites change by itself.