Ugh, what does it take to get transfered out of tech support!?!? I have unfortunately reached that "so competent we don't want to lose him" stage, so trying to get transfered to the development side of the company has been a trial for the past year or so. Even more so when we got acquired and the whole division that ate the old company got put on a hiring freeze.

Still, my manager's been pulling for me for the past month or so, and it looked like I was good to go over to the QE group (Quality Engineering aka testing). They're definitely impressed with my technical know-how (not surprising since I've been in support for almost four years and know half our products inside and out, and can pretty easily fake the other half). Then today management drops the bomb that the open personnell slot they thought they had is apparently not available. Still, I'd apparently interested QE enough that they're going to see if they can pull some strings to transfer me anyway. Of course, this meant that I had to spend most of today essentially writing up a resume listing all the great skills I can bring.

Oh well, I guess I'll spend the rest of the day surfing through the userfriendly archives to try to cheer myself up.